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The 2015 season began on Sunday 26th April, with a slightly different format running through to the end of June. Six teams will compete again this year, with the teams playing each other in round-robin format once. The top three teams will then play each other again, and the team with the most points over their seven games will be crowned champions. The bottom three teams will play each other again too.

Read a full preseason preview here!

All matches will be played at Kriket Vinor, except the matches against Dresden which will be played at their Ostrapark ground.


Sunday 17th May
Dresden CC 169-9 (40 overs; A Das 49, G Arunmozhivarman 32, R Deshmoyni 2-11, M Glew 2-25)
Prague CC 1st XI 171-6 (39.2 overs; B Alavi 35, R Deshmoyni 26*, U Biswas 2-35, R Akkineni 1-25)
PCC 1st XI won by 4 wickets

Saturday 16th May
Bohemian CC 88 all out (25.4 overs; S Page 34, S Wickremasinghe 20, B Souček 3-4, R Subash 2-21)
Vinohrady CC 92-3 (22.2 overs; A Yousafzai 39*, P Taylor 17*, A Ashokan 2-20, S Wickremasinghe 1-13)
Vinohrady won by 7 wickets

Saturday 16th May
Prague CC 2nd XI 178 all out (39.3 overs; A Samanth 80, E Walker 12, Y Salian 4-26, B Asad 3-37)
Prague Barbarians CC 109 all out (29.2 overs; H Sabih 29, B Asad 24, M Sahijwani 3-7, H Namburi 3-18)
PCC 2nd XI won by 69 runs

Saturday 9th May
Bohemian CC 148 all out (27.1 overs; S Wickremasinghe 90, S Perera 26, P Sadasivan 5-36, S Reddy 3-17)
Prague CC 1st XI 106 all out (31.2 overs; S Udugalage 24, S Gnanatheeswaran 24, J Iqbal 4-12, S Wickremasinghe 2-12)
Bohemians won by 42 runs

Saturday 9th May
Prague Barbarians CC 83 all out (27.1 overs; Y Salian 19, J Whittingham 14, L Tozer 5-26, B Smith 2-8)
Vinohrady CC 84-3 (12.2 overs; A Yousafzai 41, V Haša 19, J Whittingham 2-32)
Vinohrady won by 7 wickets

Sunday 3rd May
Dresden CC 185 all out (40 overs; S Shah 75, A Muhammad 31, L Acheson 2-26, A McGlynn 2-27)
Vinohrady CC 61 all out (23.2 overs; A Yousafzai 22, S Ray 5-7, V Sankaran 2-8)
Dresden CC won by 124 runs

Saturday 2nd May
Prague Barbarians CC 81 all out (22.5 overs; Pradeep KG 19, A Ashokan 4-17, S Wickremasinghe 2-6)
Bohemian CC 86-2 (11.1 overs; K Gurjar 34*, S Perera 31, E Entwistle 1-9)
Bohemian CC won by 8 wickets

Saturday 2nd May
Prague CC 1st XI 233-8 (40 overs; B Alavi 40, P Sadasivan 31*, H Namburi 3-15, O Matoušek 3-36)
Prague CC 2nd XI 110 all out (34.3 overs; O Matoušek 23, M Glew 3-7, B Alavi 2-7, R Deshmoyni 2-8)
PCC 1st XI won by 123 runs

Sunday 26th April
Prague CC 2nd XI 91 all out (35 overs; A Samanth 16, V Karthikeyan 16, O Matoušek 16*, R Akkineni 3-18, S Ray 2-7)
Dresden CC 95-0 (12.4 overs; U Biswas 75*, Z Mehmood 15*)
Dresden CC won by 10 wickets

updated 17th May

PCC 1st XI32108
PCC 2nd XI31204
Note: the first tiebreaker is head-to-head record, but Dresden have beaten Vinohrady who have beaten Bohemians who have beaten PCC 1st XI who have beaten Dresden, so the teams are tied. The second tiebreaker is net run rate, which has Dresden slightly ahead after two big victories and one slim defeat so far.


Saturday 23rd May
Barbarians vs PCC 1st XI
PCC 2nd XI vs Vinohrady

Sunday 24th May
Bohemians vs Dresden**
(note: this match will take place in Prague, with Dresden's ground unavailable)

Sunday 31st May
PCC 1st XI vs Vinohrady
Bohemians vs PCC 2nd XI
Dresden vs Barbarians

Saturday 6th June
Second stage (fixtures tbc)

Saturday 20th June
Second stage (fixtures tbc)

Saturday 27th June
Second stage (fixtures tbc)

A 40-over league has been organised every year since 2008. In 2007, the main local competition was a T20 league.

Full record:

2014 - PCC 1st XI beat Dresden by 6 wickets - season details and final report
2013 - Dresden beat PCC by 62 runs - season details
2012 - PCC beat Dresden by 2 wickets - report
2011 - PCC beat Vinohrady by 6 wickets - report
2010 - PCC beat Dresden by 5 wickets - report
2009 - PCC beat Brno by 55 runs - report
2008 - PCC won the round-robin league - final standings

The league began in 2005 and was 30-overs long for the first year and 2006 also. In 2007 the only local league was a 20-over league. The 40-over league has been organised every year since 2008.


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