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Winter League 2015

2015 Winter League

The 2015 ČMKS Winter League took place at a new venue, ZŠ Chelčického, the school hall near to our training facility at Olšanska.

Finals Day report

A 10-minute video recap from Finals Day is available on our YouTube channel.

The defending champion Kings team went into the final unbeaten, but Knights had given them a big scare earlier in the tournament, and they built pressure in the final with a strong display in the field.

Kings batted first but were held to 84, with Hilal taking a couple of great reaction catches including one off the final ball. And some confident hitting had Knights on 83 even before captain Sudhir went out in the last pair with Roy.

National team bowlers Rohit and Rajh threw everything they could at the batsmen, but they could not pick up enough wickets to change the course of the match, and the Knights ended up as the victors.

Bohemians proved to be much stronger in the 3rd-place playoff, though Vino Bianco impressed during the tournament and deserved their top-half finish. PCC Rooks took 5th place with victory over Barbarians Vandals, and Vino Rosso won the 7th-place match against Barbarians Visigoths.

PCC Knights - back row L-R: Honza Corness, Colin Glover, Bilal Alavi; front row L-R Hilal Ahmad, Sudhir Gladson, Suditha Udugalage


1. PCC Knights
2. PCC Kings
3. Bohemians
4. Vinohrady Bianco
5. PCC Rooks
6. Barbarians Vandals
7. Vinohrady Rosso
8. Barbarians Visigoths

You can also find two six-minute video clips from the PCC Kings vs Barbarians Vandals match on our YouTube channel, here and here.


Saturday 17th January

Vino Bianco 105-104 Vino Rosso
PCC Knights 96-138 PCC Rooks
PCC Kings 104-83 Bohemians
Barbarians Vandals 185-60 Barbarians Visigoths

Sunday 25th January

Bohemians 131-67 Barbarians Visigoths
Vino Bianco 124-167 PCC Knights
Barbarians Vandals 93-124 PCC Kings
PCC Rooks 88-141 Vino Rosso

Saturday 31st January

PCC Rooks 126-88 Barbarians Vandals
Vino Rosso 87-102 PCC Kings
PCC Knights 143-94 Barbarians Visigoths
Vino Bianco 63-120 Bohemians

Sunday 8th February

PCC Kings 104-92 PCC Knights
Barbarians Visigoths 73-159 Vino Rosso
PCC Rooks 81-108 Bohemians
Barbarians Vandals 110-129 Vino Bianco

Saturday 14th February

PCC Kings 150-69 PCC Rooks
Barbarians Vandals 114-101 Vino Rosso
Vino Bianco 147-84 Barbarians Visigoths
Bohemians 91-106 PCC Knights

One week break on 21-22 February weekend to allow PCC and Barbarians to compete in Dresden's annual indoor tournament and Vinohrady to venture to the annual Vienna Wintercup.

Saturday 28th February

PCC Knights 112-71 Vino Rosso
PCC Rooks 79-82 Vino Bianco
Bohemians 162-66 Barbarians Vandals
PCC Kings 131-48 Barbarians Visigoths

Sunday 8th March

PCC Knights 155-91 Barbarians Vandals
Bohemians 184-26 Vino Rosso
PCC Rooks 127-45 Barbarians Visigoths
PCC Kings 114-72 Vino Bianco

Saturday 14th March - PLAYOFFS

Vino Rosso beat Barbarians Visigoths
PCC Rooks beat Barbarians Vandals
Bohemians beat Vino Bianco
PCC Knights 114-84 PCC Kings


updated 8th March

PlayedWonLostRuns ForRuns AgainstDiffPoints
PCC Kings770829544+28528
PCC Knights752871713+15820
Vino Bianco743722778-5616
PCC Rooks734708710-212
Barbarians Vandals725747857-1108
Vino Rosso725689778-898
Barbarians Visigoths7074711023-5520
Note: the first tie-breaker is head-to-head record, which places Knights ahead of Bohemians and Vandals ahead of Rosso, in both cases due to the results of the matches on 14th February.


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