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Winter League 2014

PCC Kings finish unbeaten to claim trophy

The PCC Kings team were given their sternest test on the final day, but tallied seven more runs overall than the Barbarians Vandals to seal the club's first Winter League championship since 2011.

back row L-R: Prakash, Sudesh, Suditha; front row L-R: Sudhir, Rajh, skipper Paul (photo: Rohit Deshmoyni)

With a strong team including four national team regulars, the Kings had a mix too potent for the rest of the league to contain. Clubmates Rooks sealed a great day for PCC by taking third place, while Barbarians can reflect on their club's strongest ever performance in the indoor tournament.

Playoff results

Saturday 29th March

Barbarians Vandals beat PCC Rooks by 61 runs
PCC Kings beat Barbarians Visigoths by 34 runs

3rd place playoff - PCC Rooks beat Barbarians Visigoths by 37 runs

Final - PCC Kings beat Barbarians Vandals by 7 runs

Saturday 22nd March - lower playoffs

Bohemians beat Vino Rosso by 35 runs
PCC Knights beat Joshiley Dragons by 91 runs

7th place playoff - Vino Rosso beat Joshiley Dragons by 60 runs

5th place playoff - Bohemians beat PCC Knights by 15 runs

League Table

updated March 17th, 2013

PCC Kings77014
Barbarians Vandals76112
PCC Rooks75210
Barbarians Visigoths7346
PCC Knights7346
Vino Rosso7345
Bohemian CC7161
Joshiley Dragons7070
Barbarians Visigoths finished ahead of PCC Knights due to head-to-head tiebreaker
*Vino Rosso were deducted 1 point for failing to provide umpires on 25th January
*Bohemian CC were deducted 1 point for failing to provide umpires on 8th March

League Results

Saturday 15th March

Barbarians Vandals beat Bohemians, 48 to 41
PCC Kings beat Barbarians Visigoths, 100 to 19
PCC Rooks beat PCC Knights, 57 to -29
Vino Rosso beat Joshiley Dragons, 61 to -2

Saturday 8th March

Barbarians Visigoths beat PCC Knights (forfeit)
Bohemians beat Joshiley Dragons, 88 to 38
PCC Knights beat Bohemians, 48 to 43
Barbarians Visigoths beat Joshiley Dragons, 60 to 41

Saturday 1st March

Barbarians Vandals beat Vino Rosso, 48 to 8
PCC Kings beat PCC Rooks, 59 to 12
PCC Kings beat Vino Rosso, 80 to -24
Barbarians Vandals beat PCC Rooks, 39 to 37

Saturday 22nd February - no league games due to Dresden tournament (won by PCC!)

Saturday 15th February

PCC Knights beat Vino Rosso, 48 to -16
PCC Rooks beat Joshiley Dragons65 to 40
Barbarians Vandals beat Barbarians Visigoths, 108 to 20
PCC Kings beat Bohemians, 57 to 17

Saturday 8th February

PCC Kings beat Joshiley Dragons, 61 to 9
Barbarians Vandals beat PCC Knights62 to 36
PCC Kings beat PCC Knights, 27 to 6
Barbarians Vandals beat Joshiley Dragons, 75 to -8

Saturday 1st February

PCC Rooks beat Bohemians, 36 to -9
Vino Rosso beat Barbarians Visigoths, 86 to 22
Vino Rosso beat Bohemians, 72 to 34
PCC Rooks beat Barbarians Visigoths, 68 to 39

Saturday 25th January

PCC Rooks beat Vino Rosso, 57 to 50
PCC Kings beat Barbarians Vandals, 50 to -3
Barbarians Visigoths beat Bohemians, 63 to 49
PCC Knights beat Joshiley Dragons, 90 to -49

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